Denver is one of the major cities located in the US state of Colorado. The city is located in the American Midwest and is also the capital of Colorado. Denver is also called the "Mile-High City" and is famous for being an elevated city located one mile (approximately 1,609 meters) above sea level.

Denver is known as a city with beautiful natural scenery due to its proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Additionally, Denver International Airport is one of the country's major aviation hubs and is often used as an origin or destination for international travel.

The city boasts cultural diversity and historical heritage, and is rich in a variety of arts, entertainment, sports, museums, restaurants and shopping attractions. Popular tourist attractions in Denver include the Denver Art Museum, Riverfront Park, and the Millennium Bridge.

Denver is also an ideal location for outdoor activities, with hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, biking and more. Colorado is home to many natural and national parks, including the Rocky Mountains, providing endless exploration for nature lovers.

Denver also plays an important role as a center of business and economic activity, hosting companies from a variety of industries both domestically and internationally. Denver is also one of the major hubs for domestic air travel, offering easy transportation both domestically and internationally.